Be careful about quotes to contractors

There are many termite eradicators that specialize in pest control. Most methods are spraying chemicals, but there is also a bait method. This is a method of setting up poison bait and bringing it back to damage each colony. It costs a little more than other methods, but we recommend using it if you are concerned about your health. Including various cases, the average market price is around 10,000 yen per tsubo. Take into account the inspection costs every 3 or 6 months. It is important to request a quote from a large number of pest control companies and contract carefully. To find a good pest control company, it is also an effective way to judge by online reviews.

Types of
termites to be aware About 2000 types of termites inhabit all over the world, and about 20 types of termites inhabit in Japan. Termites are not fellow ants but rather fellows such as cockroaches, and they feed on wood. Yamato termites and house termites are especially troublesome.
For these ants, I prefer a humid, dark and airless environment. And if there is wood to feed it, it will settle down.
When you settle down in a house, you eat the timber of your house and the house may collapse.

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