On Q Promotions believe that all cue sports should be available and accessible to any individual wishing to participate in a recreational or competitive capacity.

The launch of the World Pool Festival is a testament to this belief and so was our announcement to financially support the Festival.

Since its launch the Festival has received a healthy flow of entrants both from the UK and Internationally.

As stated we want this festival to be enjoyed by all cue sport players offering the chance to capture a share of the £24,000 main event prize fund.

On Q Promotions have no interest whatsoever in political issues in the sport, only in providing high quality events for pool players. For that reason we are renaming the Festivals primary event.

The primary event will be re-launched as the ‘World King of Pool’. The event will remain exactly as originally advertised.

The removal of professional or World Championship categorisation now removes any restriction all Pool players may have had in participating in the Festival.

The Festivals second major tournament, the World Open, will remain as originally advertised and complement ‘World King of Pool’ event.

The two additional World Championships, 14-1 & Speed Pool do not conflict with any association or organisations membership guidelines regarding exclusions. Entry into these events will be taken at the festival but subject to a limited field of entry.

Entry into the World King of Pool or World Open can be secured either by applying directly via the website www.poolfestival.com or by entering one of the qualifying heats around the United Kingdom.

Simply win the qualifying heat staged at your local venue and you’ll proceed to the Grand Finals in Gloucester. To stage your own qualifying heat you’ll require 8 players each paying £20. For more details contact us; 01452 223214 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Members of the International Professional Pool Players Association receive direct entry into the final 156 players, with the top 32 professional players receiving a seeded position into the final 64 players. Top 32 seeds will be taken form the Pro Rankings following (IPA Tour event 4).

Read more https://www.poolfestival.com/world-king-of-pool-launched/