Kleine Zeitung 110 years celebration

24 Nov

The Austrian newspaper “Kleine Zeitung” celebrated 110 years and to honor this birthday they organized a gala dinner. The “Kleine Zeitung” is a very popular newspaper in the county Carinthia and Styria and the readers could also vote for the most popular Carinthians and Styrians of the decade. I was nominated in the category “celebrity & world carinthian”. In this category there are mainly people who travel for a living and successfully represent our country in the world.

Also nominated in my category were: Martina Rattinger, Dagmar Koller, Alfredo Melgarejo, Alois Brandstetter, Antonia Rados, Baldur Preiml, Christa Sedlatschek, Dagmar Schratter, Friedrich Orter, Gerrit Wunder, Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Ingolf Wunder, Julia Widner, Karl Schnabl, Klaus Graf, Manfred Bockelmann, Monika Kircher, Peter Turrini, Ulrike Billard and Werner Zdouc.

“The fact that the readers voted for me makes me very happy. This is a huge honor and it shows that people recognize what I do.”


Kleine Zeitung 110 years celebration

Hubert Patterer, chief editor of the newspaper “Kleine Zeitung”, presented the award


Kleine Zeitung 110 years celebration

Jasmin with her trainer Michael Neumann at the gala dinner


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