Money won…As the popular film says that ‘money won is twice as sweet as money earned’ I truly believe that it is the best and fastest way to learn to play pool.  Just as with playing card and table casino games online there is a rush of adrenaline and a distinctive need to win.  We feel overwhelmed with emotion as energy surges through us, waiting to get the chance to clear up.  Winning suddenly becomes everything.

Many stories have been told about that big win at the table, the time we beat so and so etc, but the chance to prove yourself means everything.  Playing for cash focuses the mind to a pinpoint of concentration, driving us forward in our position.

The hustlers life of subterfuge and extreme skill epitomises the act of money getting and in turn reflects life itself. Countless people have lost out to a hustler and there way through the pool halls of life as well as at the tables.

When you’ve won there is no more a better way to do so.  May the pockets be magnetic and the money flow like wine.